ETM Authorized Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Program

     ET Media authorized Value-Added Reseller program (VAR) is specifically designed to allow digital signage system integrators and resellers to take full advantage of our state-of-the-art digital signage online service platform. As a reseller, you can choose from a list of
     ET Media products and services and combine them with your own value-added products and services to resell to your customers.

Benefits of becoming an ET Media authorized VAR:

    Discount from list price on ET Media products and services
    Free ET Media Player software demo licenses
    Free quick-start ET Media publishing training
    Free ET Media white papers and presentations about ET Media products.

Requirements for ET Media authorized VAR:
     To participate in the ET Media authorized VAR program, the reseller must meet the requirements listed below and agree to them at the time of enrollment or contract renewal:
        General knowledge of digital signage market and technology
        General knowledge of PC hardware and software setup
       General knowledge of display screens including LCD, plasma, LED, etc.
        Capable of installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining Windows computers, networking and internet connection
        Capable of providing customer service and technical support
        Conduct business in a professional and ethical manner
       Must not misrepresent ET Media or ET Media products and services
       Provide and maintain a seller’s permit
       Compliance must be maintained throughout the term of the contract or the reseller status will be forfeited

How can you become an ET Media authorized reseller?

       Submit an ET Media authorized reseller application.
       Sign the ET Media authorized reseller agreement.
       Schedule and attend an ET Media training class.
   We will notify you as to your acceptance as an ET Media authorized reseller.
   Please contact for questions.




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