EDS-Lite Digital Signage System

   -----A Complete Cost-effective Solution for Online Manageable Digital Signage Systems

  EDS-Lite is a complete digital signage solution which is specially designed for digital signage applications that use content management systems with 100 or less players as a complete package. It contains a special design Hello Sign-Lite and EMP players. Hello Sign-CMS server software is Linux based with a Java programmed GUI interface. The EMP embedded media player is a cost effective DSP-based dedicated hardware system with many online programmable features.

HelloSign - Lite Introduction
     HelloSign ©-Lite is a content management suite for digital signage applications. The management and player control are done over open internet. It contains four major components for digital signage related applications: 1) Content Management; 2) Scheduler Management; 3) Player Management and 4) Player Reporting. Some of its innovative features include:
      Supports customized playlist
      Supports automatic firewall discovery to allow media player to register behind firewall
      Supports multiple schedule playlists for players in three modes: by user, group, or unit
      Both playlist and player statuses can be monitored via internet anytime and anywhere
      Supports live view to monitor specific signage site to see what content is playing
      Builds and sends out custom reports with a click of the mouse
      Supports instant information delivery to every media player with a click of the mouse
      Easy-to-use web-based interface for non-IT users
      Advanced backend server and content encryption
      Ability to manage the system from any computer that has a web browser and internet access.
      Ability to manage the system from any computer that has a web browser and internet access.   
     The main HelloSign©-Lite’s interface is shown below.

Content Management
   Content management is the first step in managing digital signage related applications. Content manager auto detects the content's length, media type and resolution and grabs a snapshot of uploaded video files for easy management.

Scheduler Management
     The scheduler management tool is the central piece of playlist creation and management. The major work of scheduler management is designing a customized playlist and scheduling a timeframe for players to execute. Meanwhile, the content is being uploaded into the media server’s database.
     The scheduler management also consists of three tasks:

       design layout for specific player and displays
       design specific playlist for the player associated specific display in 1)
       schedule a timeframe for those players to play the playlist. Following are the selected snapshots for those tasks:
Player Management and Control
      Since the players are the driving force for the applications, player management is an exceptionally important part of the CMS.
      The following shows the player management panel:

      A live video input for news announcements, video surveillance monitoring or live TV broadcast also can be controlled within this panel. Instant text and graphic messages can be delivered in the same way live video input is. This powerful CMS system also requires a powerful player to support its feature-rich services.

Network Manageable Embedded Media Player EMP-300
     EMP-300 series media players are fully network manageable and remotely controllable. Either uses ET Media’s CMS or the customer’s own CMS. The EMP-300 series media players can be grouped into regions or other categories and groups. Users can do trick mode control: Play, Stop, Pause and Resume over the internet in real time by group or by unit. Users can change playlist, content, or a pre-scheduled playlist. The EMP 300 also supports scrolling text and real-time messages. Support live video input and local camera input for video monitoring is a unique feature for special signage application.

      Support CDMA modem connection via mobile network enables the media player to be deployed anywhere and be controlled any time. With its small size, this player can be mounted to the inside of an LCD display. With the popular Linux OS, the user can add more features for their special needs. With direct RS-232 control, many local utilities are controllable via EMP-300 players. The system is a reliable, scalable and has the ability to be network-controlled and upgraded. These features make it a perfect product for digital signage applications.




EDS-Lite is a complete digital signage solution which is specially designed for digital signage applications that...