-----Content Management System for Digital Signage

       HelloSign© is a content management system for digital signage applications. It contains four major components for digital signage related applications. They are: 1) Content Management; 2) Scheduler Management, 3) Player Management and 4) Player Reporting. On the backend, the main supporting infrastructure is ET Media’s backbone DSM engine. With clustered DSM servers over DMSN network on open internet, the CMS can control over 5000 players by using clustered media servers and management servers. DSM engine is the management suite which manages media players in the server side. With the front-end management suite and backend supporting servers, the HelloSign© is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use systems for digital signage applications. Here are some of its innovative features:
      Support for multiple-server management via DMSN clustered server network
Scalable from 50 players to 5000 players via cluster servers (scale-up operation can be done dynamically.)
      Supports ET Media's EMP and other players (over DSM if using multiple servers)
      Supports customized playlist
      Supports automatic firewall discovery to allow media player to register behind firewall;
      Supports multiple schedule playlists for players in three modes: by user, group or unit;
      Both playlist and player status can be monitored over the internet anytime and anywhere;
      Supports live view to monitor specific signage site;
      Builds and sends out a custom report with a click of the mouse;
      Supports instant information to be delivered to every media player with a click of the mouse;
      Easy-to-use web-based interface for non-IT users;
      Advanced backend server and content encryption;
      Ability to manage the system from any computer with a web browser and internet access
 The main HelloSign© interface is shown below:

Content Management:

    Content management is the first step in managing digital signage related applications. Content manager auto detects the content's length, media type and resolution. The content manager also grabs a snapshot of uploaded video files for easy management.

Player Management and Reporting:
     Since the players are the driving force for the applications, player management is an exceptionally important part of the CMS.

    The following shows the player management panel:

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