Impact on traditional media, 2007 the new media industry development trends

     The emergence of new media, is based on computer technology, communications technology and digital broadcasting technology development and innovation of the results, new media will lead to the digital home, communications, media and other traditional industries change and integration, the new media industry and the birth of Will involve the development of many industries.
2006 new media industries in the initial stage of development, the value of gradually being recognized, large-scale capital inflows, new media companies to accelerate expansion, the overall industrial development momentum is good. 2007, the new media industry will be rapid development, new media will bring us what the change is, the Internet laboratory in 2006 with the in-depth research, the new media industry development in the forecast.

    1. The trend of growth in new media
        2006 Internet users reached 123 million, early in 2007 the number of Internet users reached 132 million, the new media business applications to further mature, the value of further improvement. At the same time the development of wireless communication networks, so that the new trend of mobile media show, the new media streaming traditional media advertising resources and user resources become more pronounced.

   2. Highlights the value of marketing, attributes to strengthen marketing
       The value of new media marketing is being advertisers and advertising agencies, public relations companies, marketing agencies agree that the new media has gradually become integrated marketing enterprises of the important components. Samsung, Procter & Gamble, and other international brands, is gradually reducing its television ads, the Internet-based, mobile new media, video stores and other media will increase the delivery.
       New media enterprises in difficulty through the contents of short-term revenue, marketing a key source of revenue income, so their focus will be to explore the field of marketing. At the same time the value of new media marketing advantage, will enable advertisers to enhance the delivery of new media efforts.

   3. Optimistic about the value of industrial investment, cooperation, to strengthen efforts to acquire
       2007 Chinese new media are concerned about the capital market, China's potential users of new media, marketing, and so the potential commercial value, subject to international investors and the favor of the new media institutions, investment, cooperation, mergers and acquisitions efforts will be further strengthened.
       2006, PPLive, Qianxiang, such as access to huge amounts of investment for the wind, so that the new media industry of concern, shocked the world GOOGLE the acquisition of the No. 1 U.S. video site Youtube acquisition, media organizations CCTV, Phoenix and other major push into the so that the new Become a hot media attention. Entered 2007, Qiyezhichuang and other new media once again favored by investors. Highlight the potential of new media and new media industries this year acquired the intensity of cooperation will be further strengthened.

   4. Faster industrial innovation, new products, new services are emerging
       In 2006 the new media industry has undergone consolidation, acquisition, expansion of the year, 2007 new media business development will gradually back on track, the products and services will accelerate the pace of development of new products and services will continue to emerge.
       2006 IPTV industry three licences issued to accelerate the pace of the layout of the country, 2007 through differentiated products and services to expand the number of audience, became the focus of industrial development. Digital TV broadcasting by 2001 the layout of the year on the development of products and services will become the focus.
       Electronic magazine, online video, interactive community, and other industries, have received headlines last year after investment funds, the gradual and pragmatic development, 2007 will focus on development and consider how profitable products and services, so as to increase investor confidence. Thus 2007 new products and new services will be developed as a development priority.

   5. Figures read heat continues to rise, mobile emerging new media
       2007 new media will be moving into the substantive development of the year. The commercial 3G network provides a reliable and stable transmission channel, while cell phone use and enhance the function of the new service will continue to emerge, mobile phones will further develop the potential of mobile terminals, mobile blog, mobile search, automotive, television, and other carriers will become more mature.
Global giants Microsoft, Sony, Adobe and other read the new electronic products, electronic readers and showed a good momentum in mobile .2007 new media will be entering a new stage of development.

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