Case of the first teach you how to build digital notices

    With the rapid development of commercial, for the utilization of advertising is growing, especially in recent years, the demand for video ads gradually increased. Today, you sit on the bus, walk in the streets, walk in the supermarket, walk on the square and take the elevator in between ...... you can easily see a variety of video ads, which see a very Form is the "digital notices."

    Today, the number of notices on the retail market has become increasingly popular application. In the "retail TV" (At that time, the retail digital television can not be called notices, plasma display appeared only after the true sense of the number of notices) in the early days, some companies to prepare their own software development and hardware equipment for the Its retail television network control and management. Now you can use on the market standard software and hardware components of excellence to the system, dynamic figures notices for the various vertical market applications, such as:

      * Theater before the movie playing in the number of ads, instead of the old 35mm film advertising.
      * Hospitals, pharmacies and prescription drugs in the OTC promotional ads.
      * Bank of the rival ads appear to prevent the customized television.
      * Store information in the video ads with information on the sale of 100% simultaneously.
      * Gas station or convenience store displays can encourage more people to buy things, not just gasoline.
      * Menu display boards can focus on the same day show the characteristics or value meal.
      * Installed in the airport display in front of each flight are listed in the FAQ.
      * Joint card with the bars and entertainment venues in the networking game.
      * Museum of interactive booth can automatically display the latest content.
      * The company is headquartered product information through the company sent out information network.
      * Training courses, a number of notices networks, will no longer someone asked       "Who took the training video."
      * Stadiums big screen shows the contents of the special camera will automatically adjust to pre-arranged locations.

    Dynamic Digital notices of application is unlimited. In fact, you close to some small shops may use the figures in the notices. Of course, the closer product retail outlets, then the opportunity to influence the greater consumption. But the specific how to do this >

    The first network to establish the number of notices people need to consider 11 factors:
      1. Contents of the most important: no matter how advanced the technology, and if Henlan, notices networks will not succeed. Content to be clear and concise. Of course, if customers such as McDonald's Big Mac, see the Charmin tissue paper ads, which are also a failure.
      2. Content to be lively: to allow the viewer to remember the relevant content, not seen on the forgotten.
      3. Local procurement is very important.
      4. Position: If the screen is not visible location (for example, linked to the vacant places 12 feet high), then people will not look at it.
      5. Update: small-scale broadcasting networks the key to success lies in the fact that at the right time to introduce the right people the right information. If you only replace the DVD discs a month, then you are in the running counter. Similarly, if not in 15 minutes through a simple network update or prices of goods, notices that this figure platform problems.
      6. Closed-loop system is very important: If you can not prove that the ads Yun do, then you will not be from your Internet ads get big gains. Therefore, we should not only concern the broadcast ads, but also concerned about the effect of advertising, the formation of a benign closed circulatory system.
      7. Do not rely on manual update: people always make mistakes. So should use the Internet for remote update the system. Not just to loop a DVD. To use the Internet constantly updated content.
      8.-Oriented staff is still a powerful marketing tool: While most people are always first took note of display, but subconsciously communication with the wishes of the staff will promote a brand and the company's image has greatly affected. We should understand this point, because the advertising board after all the time limited.
      9. Right of the sales: The article mentioned at the beginning of our business users the ad is shielded off. They are now looking for new places to run ads. The store and you have these businessmen brand products. Therefore, they can form a new cooperative relationship, in your network in their products so special promotions. This effect will be even better and cost less compared with traditional advertising.
      10. Do not back line with the PC industry: the use of the industry standard equipment. Few MPEG player and the PC will not match.
11. Advance planning: choose a framework, it is necessary to determine the structure can be continuously upgraded and updated to meet the ever-expanding future business needs, rather than have each extended the replacement of the system as a whole.

    Case Analysis:
      To TESCO for example, it is one of Britain's largest retailer, the British retail area 1 / 8 of its sales from TESCO store. It is currently deploying a number of notices network, 300 branches in the installation of over 12,000 displays, each shop to install 43 Taiwan Panasonic flat panel displays (in the shop of the regional 7-8). PRN is also its secret talks with Wal-Mart TV Network, Wal-Mart stores is the number TESCO nearly nine times (Wal-Mart has 2,621 stores), but showed that compared with some old technology (27-inch TV, Hoisted 10 feet). PRN also for the electronics sector wall and interactive television booths to provide music content.

      TESCO each of the eight retail stores target area are: Corridor District, food, beauty care, beer, wine, family entertainment areas, fish / meat / cooked food, coffee, checkout areas, each district Have specific content and advertising, the weekly content will be updated to match the same day the shop's promotional activities. But TESCO greatest feature is its selection of the different display technologies. The installation of its stores by 19 Taiwan Matsushita Plasma Display 30 and 17-inch LCD screen. (Note: JCDecaux for TESCO TV ad sales, Instrumental Media Group production and sent, through the Hughes satellite network sent by the Scala end-to-end software to control the media.)

      Most businesses have not the first time to enter this field the number of notices. If the two giants McDonald's fast food industry and Burger King. McDonald's recently in the east coast of the many shops to install a digital screen menu. Each store has four plasma display instead of the original static menu card. Plasma display prices on the rolling, giant flashing back and forth to attract attention. Slightly lacking is that the majority of pictures are static, the plasma screen, the static screen image will burn. What is worse is that, from every consumer and the average income will not increase. Because only a Big Mac, the swing does not allow consumers are willing to pay more money or buy more of Hamburg. But contrast, Germany's Burger King, its 300 branches each shop has replaced only a NEC 42-inch plasma screen menu. The display has been added to the menu card, and loop characteristics of the project to attract consumers, and increase revenue. Did you know, it's such an approach is effective. Their average income increased significantly, while relative and replace all the menu screen with the practice of licensing compared to the cost a lot less. They did not burn the screen of the question, because the screen has been playing dynamic content, rather than static. In addition, this plasma screen there are other, the CEO of Burger King outlets to open the door, use the same system showed that his personal video broadcast speech to all employees. Compared to such a small investment, it is the effect's Magic.

      Another interesting use of digital notices place is the hospital waiting room. This market can have as many. First, the pharmaceutical companies, they have invested large amounts of funds can direct sales market. This is only a few can rely on advertising revenue alone survived one of the market. Second, pharmaceutical companies can accurately track a doctor's prescription drugs each month by a specific number, so can be very easy to speculate the effect of an ad. Finally, the pharmaceutical industry in many vertical market expertise, you need to advertisers do a lot of development work. Because of a medical professional to have an average of several hundred companies are key customers.

      Comparing the United States in the rugby tournament in the SuperBowl, medicine Nexium ads paid by the cost and received the results (It is understood that the first half of 2004, Nexium global sales of 18.2 billion dollars, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 20 percent. ). Recently, the pharmaceutical company AstraZenica decided to tell everyone on the popular drug of the truth! In the past, people would say "next asked the doctor to see whether the Nexium for you." But the next time you see your doctor, he really will remember to ask this question? > It seems unlikely, unless you and he are working together to see Wanrenkongxiang the SuperBowl. But now, in the hospital waiting for the screen can see the same race, then you asked the doctor on the drug Nexium on most of the opportunity. In fact, the number of notices there are many different new markets, people need is waiting for. The above-mentioned hospital waiting room is just one. Although this method of prescription drugs for poor results, but there are many non-prescription drugs, and other health products. When the doctor for you to write prescriptions only when they are very willing to recommend these products to you. Auto Parts is also a centre applications. When you want to refueling, most of them will sell you a new wipers or other things better, they use up the sales method may even recommend you buy a new tire, but no matter how, to sell at least one such effect is that Your brain left a profound impression. But now the auto parts store in the consumer waiting for refueling when what they do, they may shop??TV, but television put the usefulness of the content on the difficult.

      We imagine Dick in the sports goods shop. Each store has a large video wall in the ESPN broadcast station programs or competition. In this way, people will see large-scale events in the ESPN or advertising opportunities on the really big. But another major problem is that its staff may need to manually by remote control to quickly switch out a number of other ads. So if Dick has a special customized content loop, then not only do not see the ads of your competitors, and can store promotional plans to do some relevant content to play to achieve the best sales.

      Today, for many banks, there are the same, "television broadcast". Many new customers for banks in the district to install a TV or plasma screen, and the financial channel to CNN, MSNBC or BloombergTV. But this way, customers may be from an ad found in other financial institutions to provide loans of the family than you are more generous. Fortunately, Bloomerg provide a customized banking channels, the channel only a bank's advertising, will not allow other competitors to enter.

      Many people had to figure notices will be used at convenience stores or gas stations, but the effect is not good. C-store (multi-disabilities) is a convenience store buyers have been favorite places. So in the end they do what is wrong? > Important point is that because of "automatic toll collection terminals," people will not be re-entered the shop. However, the static collection terminal notices and small rolling text display will not be removed. So you need to terminals installed on a better screen: big screen, full-color, can be installed in the room, clearly in the sunlight, coupled with some sound, the target customers will let you buy more desire.

      Of course, to provide interesting, can lead to the attention of the content is also very important, and not just pure advertising. Limited advertising so that consumers can only be satisfied with. From the advertisers point of view, to know he was looking at the ads really good, so you the best in charge of a terminal screen. Finally, to determine on the screen by advertising products in your C-store or gas station, really for sale. Here talk about the c-store, in fact all the convenience stores the same reason. Another point to note is that a cycle of advertising content as short as possible more so in a reasonable period of time, all the ads can play again, after sales of observation, all on all understand. In order to understand clearly the number of c-store notices the impact that a few years ago to do a Sprite (Sprite) on sales of beverages can be fully demonstrated that with the installation of a city in a number of notices had not been installed and the different.

      First installed in the number of notices collected three weeks before the sale, installation and then, Sprite has a substantial increase (see table the first 26 days). And sales also fell to 0, no surprise, because all have been sold out a Sprite. And subsequently joined the Coca-Cola. In the three weeks later, Sprite's sales continued high, much higher than the figures did not notice the store.

      Cinema is another potential market, a few years ago, due to excessive investment in the entire industry, many large cinemas closed down one after another. After, Quest Communications Corporation for Phil Anschutz purchased the Regal, UA and Edwards theater chains at the same time there are bankruptcy NGN, and began to change in the cinema business strategy. He in each of the theaters have installed the digital medium-size projectors, and the screening of the film projector and emissions together. Each theater can be connected via satellite communication, so that a new model on the theater was born. Before the film's clumsy players before the start of the 35-mm slides, are now being produced exquisite "the 20wenty" pre-broadcast video programming replaced by the regular content from Jay Leno is such a star performance by the advertising or product promotions. Installed in the corridors of the cinema plasma screens can now broadcast Rangli sales and other activities.

      Movie theaters no longer just take place, it will play a number of other media activities, such as high-definition can be seen live rock concert, or pay-per-view sports events and other charges. All of these are the contents of the cinema, "the source of profits", it has reversed the weak state of the industry. Christie Digital developed a one-button theater programme, broadcast on the screen to control the advertising, hall of the ads and digital menu boards. The system can be fully screened so that the working procedures of Taiwan automatically. The film will simply access the content projectors, according to "start" button. First, low-cost advertising using digital projectors players, five minutes after the start of the high-cost broadcast advertising, then watch the film because the people are basic to the position. Then, the digital projector automatically shut down, the film players start playing the film. At the end of the film, the digital projector once again started, broadcast advertising. Similarly, other areas of the cinema, from the corridors of the sale of interactive kiosks to digital menu boards can use the framework to control its media player.

      Digital menu boards can also be used in stadiums or other places. For example, a large stadium a week later has a different sporting events or concerts. Because people can not sell beer at Disney, it is impossible in the football stadium selling Gummi Bear sugar, so in a variety of organized activities of the stadium may also need a simple control of digital content broadcast advertising display boards. Digital display boards to manage and control, the players change the content (such as different food or drink, and its price), to adapt to different activities. Broadcast the content to bring forward the centralized management and planning. Prices can be automatically connected through the Internet or POS system to develop ahead of schedule. - May also sell sponsorship. Menu page can be a simple mark to the day's activities and consistent. As a result of the latest type of LCD displays, like plasma without worrying about the same phenomenon burns, and the image quality is also very good.

      That number of notices in the retail sector in some applications and analysis, the hope that through the introduction of its generally allows you to have a number of notices a broader awareness and to inspire you to join this new industry in the past.


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