Notices enormous number of market opportunities

    Professional audio-visual technology and the rapid development of AV / IT is the integration of information dissemination and communication to a new form, so that surround our world more colorful, and the development of market economy and the need to promote goods also calls for a new business model to meet the publicity The demand for innovative, pioneering provider of AV market Xintiandi. Thus, Digital Signage will come into being. Digital Signage, Chinese translation of "digital notices" or "digital signs", may also no mention in the country, it referred to in the streets, shopping malls, subway, airport and other public places of convergence flow through large-screen display terminals , Issued business, financial and entertainment multimedia professional audio-visual system, abroad or even someone with the paper media, radio, television and the Internet tied as the "Fifth Media."

     As a technology programme, the number notices from the content, storage systems and servers, networking and display system. First, the number of notices must be content sources. As the face of the audience has been in a state of flow, and Waterloo on the sofa in the audience, "Wei potatoes" of the different circumstances and therefore such a carrier must be concise simple, fast-paced, high information content, should be able to more Short period of time, to sound, like the color quickly to publish the information and immediately grab the flow of visual and hearing the crowd, to achieve the purpose of information dissemination, to be short, flat, fast, quick, in form and Digital content on the notices must be different from our habits of television news and entertainment. Fortunately, as with the rapid development of audio technology, video recording equipment for the preparation of diverse, low self-DV, high to high-definition, the market has already provided adequate means of making the choice, especially professional DV equipment, portable, low-cost, Easy to learn and use, quality is also good for the diversification of sources of content to provide a good foundation.

     Second, storage systems and servers, it can be as small as Sony's Memory Stick system, it can also be a large array of hard drives used to store the content and sends it to the point that one or more digital signs (signs or group) . Because the server directly applied to the point or points of the broadcast, the number of notices in nature are "narrow-sowing", which is its television broadcasting and an important difference.

    The network is also indispensable, because of the development of IT technologies, as the number of notices were carriers of the information provided adequate bandwidth, and both wired LAN or wireless LAN, you can assume the number of notices backbone networks. Wired LAN can be 100 MB / s and Gigabit Ethernet, or fiber, they pose a number of notices of the most popular network, and network equipment with all the IP addresses.

    Finally, a number of notices system must also have display system, which is the number of notices of the external interface, can be projectors, it can also be a monitor. Shows that the development of modern technology, provided a large number of notices of outstanding options, from the LED, LCD, the PDP, then DLP, there are many products can meet the requirements of digital notices, in a variety of environmental light under bright Yanli And contrast moderate image, but also a broad perspective.

    Having said that, readers may already know that the so-called number of notices is largely a matter of fact, as audio broadcast of re-packaging and positioning, to adapt them to life in business and information dissemination. In fact, throughout the country have been in the business or try this new operating mode. Notices to enter the Chinese figures from the days are no longer distant. As the number of notices extensive, well-targeted, propaganda and, for commercial venues, operators, investors and equipment suppliers will benefit multiple, believe that contains enormous business opportunities.


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