DSP SoPC chip IP-based media platform of exchange seminar

     In order to track the world's most advanced media processing technology to the development trend of media processing technology will be applied to China's IT, electronics, telecommunications information platform for the three major areas, applied to the DVR, PMP, GPS, intelligent IP cameras and video sites, such as working with people's lives Closely related fields, streaming media technology to promote China's extensive application of November 16, 2007 (day session), the Convention and Exhibition Centre in China successfully held the "DSPSoPC chip IP-based media platform of exchange seminar." Chipwrights invited guest at the United States (media processing chip makers) CTO, John Redford China at the first lecture, detailed media processing technology to the development trend of direction and strategy, the company introduced the latest technology, products, services and media processing technology Applications.

    I introduced a cost-effective carrier-grade IPTV-STB solutions, the design of the main chip is the latest U.S. Chipwrights DSPSoC W5631 chip. Chipwrights the CW 5631 "cruise ship" is the latest increase in CW5XXX series of products. It has high-performance RISC / SIMD / Vector processor design, as a programmable media processing platform, CW 5631 with a variety of media processing capability to support the data flow parallel processing, specifically to provide for video and image Processing applications of high-performance, programmable system-on-chip integrated processor. I provide a full range of companies to video image processing at the core of the solution that can be widely used in IPTV set-top boxes, PMP embedded media player, DVR, GPS, intelligent IP cameras and video sites such as multimedia terminal applications.

     Well-known domestic appliance manufacturers Sichuan Changhong, TCL, and Huaqi Information, Zhao Ge broadband, Yuxing software, digital video, such as Yang, Division of more than 30 well-known equipment manufacturers, operators attended the seminar, the discussion in the afternoon , Everyone on the technical issues of concern to the market issue a lively discussion, this will be everyone's concern, the meeting held successfully.


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