Signs embedded digital media player concept of the new media

      February 27, 2018, Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Aite Metin, CEO and his team, with its Digital Signage embedded media player and its software management system in Las Vegas to participate in the Digital Signage Expo, The exhibition organized by the Digital Signage is the largest annual trade exhibition, the main view of the current rapid growth of the Digital Signage industry, the show in the exhibition from around the world on Digital Signage technology and education programmes.

      Digital Signage - the number plate is a new concept of the media, usually in the large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places of convergence flow through large-screen display terminal equipment, publishing business, financial and entertainment information Multimedia professional audio-visual system. Aimed at their specific physical place, a specific time period for specific groups of information broadcast advertising to allow access to the advertising effect. At present this technology widely used in shopping malls, schools and other places.

      The company introduced the Digital Signage embedded media player of its main use embedded design to high-quality encoding video, audio, pictures and captions such as rolling through the network transmission to the media player (EMP), through digital signs Management System (Hello sign) for remote control and management of players, can play through the network to update the content and real-time critical information to facilitate the realization of centralized management or distribution management is a high technology content of the human digital media player system that allows users The use of more convenient and faster.

      In addition, the company Digital Signage embedded media player of the advertising methods Digital Signage from the traditional mode of operation. The traditional mode of operation is usually based on customer demand, production of a DVD or VCD format disk, and rolling propaganda broadcast, the general cycle for half a month, a month or longer period of time, advertising operators looking for customers there are certain difficulties, Because the customer input costs relatively high advertising costs, limiting the source of customers, a direct impact on the effectiveness of advertising operators. The customers can not only products of the video ads at times, sub-regional management to achieve single-screen, multi-screen remote simultaneous broadcast advertising, advertising remote spots. The product can also provide the maximum profit for the advertising model: zero idle time, low-cost carriers, low-cost maintenance, through the Internet or telephone SIP Remote Control, the distinctive interactive advertising model.

      At present, our company Digital Signage embedded media player widely used in commercial, public and educational establishments. In commercial premises, through large-screen visual senses Digital Signage, customers need only under large-screen prompts, they can easily find their own interest to commodity information, such as products, and similar products, prices and the placing Location and other information. This rapid access to consumers in the malls of products and also for businessmen to provide the marketing message. Digital businesses can also sign management system (Hello sign) for remote control and management of players, to update the broadcast content and real-time information, and so important to attract the attention of consumers and attention. EMP a fully integrated, completely shake off dependence on a PC, network media players and all, systems management, online upgrade their own systems, and other functions are completed. As a result of this easy-to-use system, its network virus, the virus has very strong terms of self-immunity, save the user a lot of trouble, thus it is a truly easy to use, easy to maintain the figures apply to the plate Network products. Ad investors reduce costs and improve its operating efficiency. Also allow consumers to easily,purchase in the music.

     In public places, my company Digital Signage embedded media player with a view to satisfy the public need for information flow. Digital Signage can only help the public to transmit information, publicity and so on with simple, easy to maintain the embedded media technology is suitable for different groups of people in advertising, and expanded the scope of the transmission of information. It can provide traffic information to the public, advertising information, news, weather, travel, entertainment, dining and other characteristics of public information. Using the digital sign management system (Hello sign) for remote control and management of players can also facilitate timely updates broadcast content, is to enhance public information, create an excellent image in the programme. Can be effectively applied to the Chief of the hall, square, airport, railway stations, hotels and other typical places.

      ET media Beijing has become the number plate industry-leading technology, the strength of outstanding ability to innovate, and strong international competition in the media player products and digital sign management system solutions provider. In the "speed and innovation" the core business philosophy, by virtue of relying on high-tech products to the high number of signs in the market-based, relentless development, gradually to the various professional market penetration, and the business scale and profitability of sustained, rapid, steady growth , Was highly praised the people at home and abroad.

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