EMP-700 System Specs

  The EMP-700 is a technologically advanced embedded media player with a small footprint and fan-less system supporting up to 1080P HD content playing. This unique and powerful system is designed for networkable Digital Signage applications in various vertical markets with multiple network connections like ADSL, Wi-Fi, and CDMA modem (mobile phone network). The EMP-320 supports multiple storage interfaces such as HDD, compact flash and USB, HD etc. Default storage is HDD (80 GB).

     The most important features of the EMP-320 are its video and audio input capabilities. These allow the user to apply the technology to critical applications needed to support local video input such as DVD or TV input. It can also be connected to a local camera to support remote video surveillance applications. The features implemented in this device are intended for internal training and distance learning geared towards employee education in your organization.






EMP 320
That product is applied to mainly interior or liquid crystal screen advertisement broadcasts way outside