Feature-Rich EMP Players for Digital Signage

    The embedded solution technology is a more compact solution compared to a PC. This technology makes it possible to fit into products with small form factor requirements. 
Cost Effective
    The embedded solution has a cost advantage over PC-based solutions therefore lowering hardware costs significantly and thus lowering the barrier entry.
    This specially designed player can perform as a download player and can do real-time TV input, video monitoring, and other real-time scrolling text.
Technical Highlights
   Compact in size; can fit into the back of any existing LCD display or TV box
    Low power, fan-less operation which results in a more reliable working system
    Operating System: Linux OS – this platform allows use of a wide variety of customized programs
    Content Storage: Default is compact flash card, but also can be any IDE devices HDD
    Group Management Support: allows control of up to 255 per group players with a single command

Content Updates
        Updating content via FTP upload either in group or single unit mode. Content may be updated via FTP upload in either group or single unit mode.
       Configurable through web page or CMS systems in group mode
       All player functions are controlled and managed via network (Internet / Intranet)
  A/V Compression
       Video format: MPEG-1/MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9, SD, can scale to HD
       Graphics format: JPEG, BMP,GIF
       Audio format: MPEG-1, Layer 2, MP3, AAC
      Video frame rate: 30 frames / second (NTSC), 25 frames / second (PAL)
  A/V Interface
      Video output: S-Video, Composite Video, VGA or DRGB to drive LCD display
      Video input: real-time monitoring
      Audio output: R/L channel analog
      Audio input: real-time monitoring
     Here is an example of a typical application: The application provides media support for video and audio capabilities. It also supports real-time live video input and scrolling text. The application also sends live video to remote servers such as CMS systems.