About Us

      ET Media is the primary provider of embedded media products including embedded software and media system solutions. Started in 2002, ET Media has developed its business offerings by maintaining a highly skilled base of employees who are deeply knowledgeable about the embedded media market and its applications. Over the last several years, ET Media has focused its energies on Digital Signage and IPTV. With market advanced DSP based media systems and a Linux based server management suite using JAVA programming, the systems ET Media designs and manufactures provide highly complexity media over IP functions and features for IP-based digital media applications. ET media focuses its efforts on both commercial and consumer electronics markets
     ET Media supplies solutions for processing, transporting, storing, and playing video and audio content in various modes. These solutions enable a multitude of value-added services over IP based networks. ET Media has evolved into a technology based business with a focus on addressing the needs of today's complex and challenging business environments that specialize in IP-based embedded media applications for various digital media systems. Doing business with ET Media will give you added flexibility and an advantage over the competition.