Digital Signage


HelloSign© is a content management suite for digital signage applications. It contains four major components for digital signage related applications. They are: 1) Content Management; 2) Scheduler Management, 3) Player Management and 4) Player Reporting. On the backend, the main supporting infrastructure is ET Media’s backbone DSM engine. With clustered DSM servers over DMSN network on open internet, the CMS can control over 5000 players by using clustered media servers and management servers. DSM engine is the management suite which manages media players on the server side. With its front-end management suite and backend supporting servers, the HelloSign© is one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use systems for digital signage applications. ... [MORE]



The CW5631 based IPTV solution is one of the most cost-effective and valuable designs in the industry featuring all of the mandatory state-of-the-art functions for typical IPTV deployment. With three core DSP based CPUs, 16 channels of parallel data-path DSP, 1 serial DSP and the computing power of an ARM9 core (375 MHz). This design gives a great deal of functionality not limited to IPTV applications only. It can be applied to other home media center related applications as well such as PMP, PVR, and Mobile TV. With a standard Linux OS in ARM and the powerful Linux based browser with Qt library, this device opens up numerous possibilities for other media related applications. . ... [MORE]